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How we work?

At Book Shock, we've woven simplicity into the tapestry of our book subscription service. Here's the journey you'll embark upon with us:


Getting to Know You

We start with a conversation. Our specially designed quiz is your first step into the world of Book Shock, where we get to know the reader behind the subscription. This isn't just about your favorite genres; it's about understanding your mood, your style, and your literary cravings.


Curating Your Experience

Based on your quiz responses, our team of book lovers and literary experts meticulously selects a book that resonates with your tastes each month. But it's not just about the book - it's about crafting an entire reading experience.


The Anticipation Builds

Once you've subscribed, the excitement begins. We send you riddles and hints about your upcoming book, stirring curiosity and joy as you await your package.


A Package Like No Other

Your book is not just sent; it's delivered as an experience. Expect beautifully designed, custom packaging that is a delight to open. Depending on the package, inside, you'll find your surprise book perfectly wrapped, a personalized note explaining our selection, a Book Shock bookmark, and more. It is an experience designed to surprise and excite you from the moment you receive our package.


Share the Joy

As you dive into your latest read, we invite you to share your experience with the community. Connect with fellow readers, participate in discussions, and become part of a story-loving family that grows with every page turned.


Continuous Discovery

With Book Shock, there's always a new story on the horizon. As you continue with us, our selections evolve based on your feedback and our ongoing conversation. The result? A reading adventure that never ceases to surprise and delight.

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  • The Perfect Match

    “The book I received was spot-on with my reading preferences, a perfect match is what I would call it.” – Amanda K.

  • Wonderful Surprise

    "The playful hint emails heightened the excitement, and the unexpected goodies inside truly exceeded my expectations, adding a wonderful surprise to the experience!” – Thomas C.

  • More Than Just a Delivery

    “It really is an experience! Getting my book felt much more than just a delivery. I loved all of it, from the quiz all the way to the excitement of unboxing.” – Anne L.